Friday, September 19, 2008

go speed racer

so i watched speed racer a few days ago, and i have to be completely honest and say that i enjoyed it. of course, i wasn't taking it seriously, and while i was watching it, there were two toddlers running around and screaming, so my attention wasn't focused on the plot or the cheesey acting. however, both of those things are justified when you're remaking an old cartoon. there's a difference between speed racer and the scooby-doo remakes, and that is that speed racer rules.

the impressive thing about the film was the hyper reality of it. cat in the hat on crack. mario kart + fast and the furious mash-up. i loved the color. simple as that. i really liked the wardrobe, the set design, it all fit.

bottom line: awesome, fun visuals. don't take it seriously. cheaters never prosper. rain is so hot.

(note on the poster above: that is the MOST STATIC composition ever, making it the worst ever solution for speed racer. DUMB. however, rain is hot.)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008