Friday, August 8, 2008


Something to be proud ofAlthough there are a lot of issues with government, environment, and society in China (which would best be discussed in another forum), it's seeing photos like this that makes me really glad that the Olympics are held in Beijing this year.

2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony @ The Big Picture

Thursday, August 7, 2008


made in an hour. i will miss this.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Since our blog is all about creativity (more or less), this entry will be about its partner-in-crime, Inspiration.
Inspiredology's goal is to find and post about things that will hopefully inspire you to get out of that creative rut you sometimes find yourself in. There is a heavy emphasis on website design, as well as design in general. I find the entry on business card design to be very interesting, and it makes me want to redesign my own. I thought this was subtly cute:
And speaking of the source of this inspiration, here are some puppies and flowers for you, dear Shift-Click bloggers. ;)


kinda like spain's giant robot, subaquatica is a gallery/publication that showcases urban/street art in madrid. you know, it talks about toys, art, design, books, etc. etc. but for the spanish scene. i always like to know what's going on outside of the country. more input for more output. pretty pretty things. oog.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

tunes: future song - mkf and the itchy heads

here's a recording of me and my band, the itchy heads, performing a little ditty called, 'the future song (i'm old)'! i wrote it a while ago for one of the monthly art shows that we used to hold, but i never recorded it. the theme of that particular show was "portraits of your future self" so when i started to think about the future, the first thing that came to mind was that my parents were going to die, and it took off from there.

future song (i'm old) from mk f on Vimeo.

i have a 500mb quota on vimeo, so i'm slowly uploading videos from last saturday's show. check back for more in later weeks.

EDIT: just uploaded the whole show on my youtube. i'll eventually get it all on vimeo though! make sure you watch it in higher res so you can see how handsome my itchy heads are.

Monday, August 4, 2008

herc fern's digital story

fellow contributor herculano, shared this movie about his experience as an animator at northeastern university. i think he did a really good job, compared to the other kids who did the same assignment at his previous co-op at EdTech. they were restricted to use only iPhoto to create their little narrative, which would be used to teach faculty the potential of the software. the thing i appreciate the most is that all of the motions were considered and thoughtful, unlike other videos where there's way too much panning, zooming in and out -- really just doing it because they could. it doesn't feel like a slideshow, which is the problem the other movies have. the choice of music and phrasing, though sometimes rushed, helped move the story along; his tone of voice sounded like a reader from 'this american life.' it wouldn't have hurt to slow down more though.

but the type -- it needs a little more work, kid ;]

it's time for the world to know how hard these art kids work.