Saturday, June 28, 2008


Fossil watch designed by Philippe Stark

i really have to say that i think the design of this watch is really sleek and modern – no extra parts, nothing to get your watch snagged on. simple. each little bar is one minute and the digits appear at their expected locations to indicate what hour it is. simple, again! intially, i could imagine it to be difficult to get a hang of reading the minutes at a quick glance, but it's just about the same, if not better, than reading a bland movado watch. my favorite part? the negative space of the ring. what a fun watch tan you could get!


This is for all the Maya users. Recently, I discovered a mel script that allows you to randomize translate, rotate, and scale values for objects in a scene. You basically create your value ranges for the attributes, select an object, and click the respective "Rand" button(s) to apply a random value from your range. You can also randomize all the values at once by clicking the "RAMDOMISE ALL" button at the bottom. It's good if you're dealing with a bunch of items and you just need them to look haphazard, like debris. It makes the work a lot faster and is really easy to use. Click the "?" for more detailed information on how to use it.